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EMAS registration

The ENEA Trisaia Research Center  is the first research center in Italy to have obtained EMAS registration, thanks to an innovative management system, operational since 2004, which governs all aslogoEMAS.gifpects in an integrated environmental and safety-related activities.

Today the
ENEA Trisaia Research Centre,  with its promises to the achievements of the Environmental Statement and having adopted an integrated management system based on the Environment and Security  improving its environmental performance and safety,puts into practice the concept of sustainable development.

This has resulted in a "revolution" within the organizational culture and community of researchers, technicians and all the colleagues in Trisaia and has been an assumption of responsibility by a policy of transparency with the hosting territory, all citizens and institutional partners.

Some of the major achievements in recent years include: the appropriate procedures to scramble "green procurement",  the reuse of wastewater for irrigation through a system of constructed wetlands, waste management, optimization and rationalization of consumption of 'electricity.

The innovation of this system consists of being able to proceduralise  managerial and operational activities related to research and experimentation conducted in the  Research Centre, although many of these were difficult to standardize.

The integrated management model adopted by the ENEA Research Center of Trisaia, the so called  SIAMESE (Integrated System for Environment and Security), should be considered as a transferable model, with appropriate adaptations to different cases even with different characteristics.
Trisaia Research Center, for its extension and the wide range of activities that take place, is a highly complex and can be related to other types of territorial aggregations equally articulated and complex as those consisting of a set of common homogeneous geographical area for culture and surroundings, or an industrial district, or a large metropolitan area.

To encourage the adoption of management systems like this by other Organizations, ENEA is ready to provide technical and scientific knowledge, methodology and management gained in the development and establishment of complex management systems, as is made for the Research Center of Trisaia.


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