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Agrobiopolis Integrated Innovation Centre represents a multidisciplinary technology hall opened to collaborations with other public and private Institusions.
The general aims are:

developing technology "enablers" in multi-sectoral, primarily biotechnology to the production of know-how with industrial interest, including "high tech" SMEs;
contribute, through the introduction of factors of technological innovation and system, the growth and competitiveness of the economy, especially agri-food, southern italian regions, in a logic of intervention that involves the entire production chain.

The Integrated Innovation Centre aims to perform the following functions:

  • to stimulate demand for innovation by the various productive sectors and to organize and propose an offer of independent innovation;
  • to introduce elements of innovation in production systems through R & D, demonstration and know-how transfer;
  • to offer advanced technological services, consulting and technical-scientific training to trade associations and private operators, especially SMEs and consortia.

The Agrobiopolis integrated center includes:

  • ENEA - Centro Ricerche Trisaia - S.S. 106 Ionica, km 419+500 - 75026 Rotondella (MT)