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Materials technology

Referent: dr. eng. Piero De Fazio - e mail: - tel. 0835.974609

The laboratory develops methods for the treatment of materials based on the use of high-density power sources for applications in the energy sector and the easing of the structural modes of transportation; studying aspects of degradation of materials and components caused by environmental factors; ensures service metrology for the sizes of competence.

Main tasks and functions

Develops joining methods based on the use of laser sources in close relationship with the industrial system and the subsidiaries ENEA.
Studies the behavior of materials in controlled environments by managing climatic chambers.
Use non-destructive methods contribute to the qualification of materials and components.
S.I.T. care center for the sizes of competence.




  • ENEA - Centro Ricerche Trisaia - S.S. 106 Ionica, km 419+500 - 75026 Rotondella (MT)