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Referent: dr. Salvatore Zicari - e mail: - tel. 0835.974283

The radioprotection aims to preserve health and wellness of workers, people and population, thus reducing the risks deriving from ionizing radiations used in the industrial, medical, and peaceful sectors. Furthermore, it aims to preserve the environment considered as the contest in which people live.

The Radioprotection Institute, constituted inside the Trisaia ENEA Centre, is dedicate to this aim.

Areas of intervention

The Institute research and activity areas, according  to the current legislation 230/1995, 241/2000, deal with:

  • Availability of a Qualified Expert of 3rd category, regularly registered to the Nominal Lists, in order to guarantee the Physical Surveillance of Protection both for  employees and for the neighbourhood populations;
  • Environmental surveillance for the systematic control of the different biological matrix in order to verify that the radioactivity rate respects the typical values of the natural environment;
  • Radio toxicological surveillance and Whole Body Counter measures on the staff exposed to contamination risk;
  • Physical surveillance of Protection (Operative Radioprotection). Support and collaboration to external associations

The Radioprotection Institute participates and supports the Local Authorities (Environmental Regional Agency of Basilicata, ARPA; Fire dept. of Basilicata,  Regional Prefecture, etc.) for the activities of competence.

  • ENEA - Centro Ricerche Trisaia - S.S. 106 Ionica, km 419+500 - 75026 Rotondella (MT)