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Visit the Research Centre

An important role among the communication  and public relations activities of our  Research Centre is played by the guided tours, to which every year hundreds of students take part. The visits is a valid support to the didactic activities and an occasion to see modern plants and labs, for most cases unique in Europe.

Because of the big variety of the research activities and of the number of labs/plants of the Trisaia Centre, it is importantl to organize the visits by following a pre-established itinerary, organized in advance. Schools and groups of visitors shall contact the Direction of the Research Centre.

To visit the Trisaia ENEA Research Centre,  schools and groups shall send a request to: Direzione di Centro - Centro Ricerche Trisaia S.S. 106 Ionica, km 419+500 75026 Rotondella (MT), fax: 0835-974470 – together with a short motivation and the PDF schedule completely filled in, or the online form. Every group cannot have more than 25-30 persons. Individuals who want to visit our Centre can send a request to the same address and with the same specifications. In this case, the Direction will regroup more requests and will communicate the date to the interested persons.

Donwload The Pdf Schedule

If you want to read detailed information about means of transportation to get to the research centre go to the text page “the centre- how to reach us

  • ENEA - Centro Ricerche Trisaia - S.S. 106 Ionica, km 419+500 - 75026 Rotondella (MT)