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The archaeological site

Basilicata, for its position of union point between the Italian hinterland and the Mediterranean populations, has always been a focal point for exchanges, collaborations and cultural influences between various populations, as testified by the relevant archaeological heritage of the region.

The Trisaia ENEA Research Centre is situated on the ancient territory of the Magna-Greece colony Siris, more precisely on the port of the ancient town at the mouth of the Sinni river; instead, the acropolis, the sacred area, and the necropolis of Siris have been individuated along the hill of Policoro Castle, where in 433/32 B.C., after Siris decay and destruction, Heracleia was founded.

The land where the Research Centre was built was once occupied by a big quantity of siroi, underground caverns commonly known as  "Fosse dei Pagani".

siroiThe siroi were used for the crops conservation. The rooms had a round plant of 4-7 metres with Gotic arc , 5-6 metres high, accessible through a wall with a rectangular entrance of about 2 metres.

Then, the siroi were sunken, probably because they were dangerous for people and animals. In the area of the Research Centre, on the so called "Piano del Forno" - the rise on which the experimental plant ITREC was installed – were founded, at the beginning of the Sixties, 7-8 siroi, among which one at least was preserved in order to allow its inspection.

Very close to the centre, the ruins of the big villa Ciglio dei Vagni and of the annexed thermal complex of the Roman age, are in a very strategic position: the junction between the ancient Ionic cost road, the so called "Tratturo Regio" and the ancient street of internal penetration toward the Tirreno along the Sinni valley.

The various aspects of life in the Greek colonies Siris and Heracleia are documented by the funding of very precious materials preserved at the Siritide of Policoro National Museum and at the Metaponto Archaeological National Museum.

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